Daily practice
& simple expression

Zaztima offers projects that might manifest themselves in different styles of sketches, visual researches, photographs, collectibles, or (maybe in the near future) generative projects with a riddle to solve. But what usually unites these projects together is the daily aspect of them and their relation to the artist’s everyday experiences, his practice, and the developments of his body of works in general. The daily sketches reflect simple expression, but also a long-term study into fluidity of the mind by means of sketching, doodling, and simple artistic production.

the daily practice

GM! The main aim and the value of these NFT projects are in being practiced on a daily basis. The projects live to be completed, shaped, and narrated to become an ever-growing story, which grows in content and value.

established art

Zaztima Projects are coming from a long history of artistic practice. Professionally dating back to 2001 when the first IRL exhibition of Zaztima Collection was held. This ensures the quality of the art for the investment of the collectors and hopefully brings joy to the audience.

personal & reflective

Zaztima projects are reflecting the purest, vulnerable, and thoughtful moments of the artist. Some come with poems, some are combined with psychological expression, and some investigate nostalgia. After all, it’s all about creating, exploring, and sharing.