NFT space is decentralized and not a regulated space (at least not yet!). That is the beauty of it. To distribute the power between peers, and have the users control the flow of the space, using the wisdom of the crowd. This enables the flourishment of so much creativity. However, even if it seems unnecessary, I would like to mention a few disclaimers to the audience of my NFTs.

physical usage of the art

These NFTs are handmade, the physical sketches, and the original art is archived by the artist and preserved. The artist holds the right to use these physical objects how he sees fit. This includes:

  • Sales of the original artwork
  • Printing of the same design as limited, or unlimited editions.
  • Usage of the artworks in different media (also online) to represent the original NFT held by the owner.
  • Creating merchandise from the original design
  • And other physical means of production

imposters and fake projects

Zaztima is a very original project, and it rises from the internal developments of the artist. The artist takes the defending of his intellectual property very seriously. This is why the imposters, copiers, and fake projects, and fake accounts on social media will be frowned upon, and loudly called out among the community. This may include requests to sanction or report the user to the admins of the platforms responsible for giving space to the imposters.

the rights of the owner

Of course, the NFTs are never minted more than once, nor are they minted on two different platforms or blockchains. So, the owners hold the exclusive right to the NFTs from Zaztima Projects.

Some certain projects or NFTs may have unlockable content, the owner of the NFT may choose to receive the unlockable content or not. The instructions to receive the unlockable rights are given on the NFT itself.