Zaztima Collection

A collection of digitized daily sketches by Pendar Nabipour. The project is ongoing since the early 2000s. These sketches have been archived and rarely presented since then. Zaztima sketches are a unique and original series by the artist since it delves through lucid emotional and sincere expressions. These sketches have stayed relevant and reoccurring in the work of the artist throughout the years to become more mature. Zaztima sketches are often accompanied by short poems.

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With the first drawings appearing around the year 2000, and the first mint on September 7, 2021, Zaztima is a long-term project. The ongoing project is already more than 20 years old. Confirming that the project is not just a tryout. There are about two hundred sketches ready to be minted. And more to be digitized, archived and made ready to be minted. The goal is to mind one NFT every few days. Additionally, one new Zaztima sketch is born every other day. So, the project lives as long as the artist is able to practice. Over time, this project will become a timeline in the history of the blockchain and the Web3!


These NFTs contain a special gift.
The gift is a handmade copy of the same design on an A4 acid-free paper, signed by the artist. These prints are made using the linoleum printing technique and are limited to a maximum of 50 editions. The gift will be unlocked to the new owner every time the NFT is purchased by a new owner for a price higher than 1 ETH. The costs for printing and shipment of the printed artwork are paid for by the artist.
Did you unlock this gift? Then please send proof to